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Landscape Materials & Firewood

Handley’s business has grown and prospered through managing natural resources and the environment. David recycles tons of trees and arbor materials each year and creates safer playground surface cushions, returns the recycled materials to nature, and heats hundreds of hearths & homes.

Playground Wood Chips -- Parents, PTOs and PTAs, it may be up to you to see that your neighborhood and school playgrounds are checked for safety.

You can check the depth of playground surface by digging with a hand trowel and request that it be topped off if it is too low (9-12" for elementary schools, 6-9" for toddlers).

At school, contact your principal or school board administrator. If the school is short on funds, contact the PTO president; perhaps they can raise the funds. If it is a neighborhood, make sure they are budgeting for the replenishment of "fall zone materials", "dark playground wood chips", "playground wood chips", "dark shredded playground or hardwood mulch" or whatever name they use for surface material meant to protect your children when they fall. If it is a public playground, you can perform the checklist referenced at the above link and notify the park official of hazards (look in the phone book under Parks and Recreation).

Handley’s works with all landscapers. We can deliver by the yard or by the semi-trailer load.

Landscape and “Western Blend” Mulch & Log Chips – Wood that is to be recycled is sent into the tub grinder and the shredded material is put into a static pile. The dark shredded hardwood mulch and log chips are used as top dressing in planting beds and around trees. It regulates soil temperature and moisture, which provides root system protection, weed control, and adds organic material to the soil mix as it decomposes. The “Western Blend” mulch is specially blended for Western Michigan University use on the campus grounds. David is an alumni of WMU and his “Western Blend” is his contribution to his alma mater.

Firewood – Handley’s delivers seasoned oak and cherry firewood. Call for prices and availability.

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Phone: 269.375.4841
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